Eco | you


In collaboration with Eco|Souk Qatar, I created four scarf designs for the new sub-brand, Eco|You, inspired by the beautiful nature and culture of Qatar. Namely Flora, Saluki, Sands and Desert Rose, the scarves are made from 69% recycled plastic, saving 4 plastic bottles and 0.3kg carbon emissions per scarf.

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The regal and beloved saluki dogs of Qatar are gentle and affectionate. This artwork is inspired by their colourful personalities and beautiful slender aesthetic.


From memories of sunny days on desert beaches, exploring the colours and textures of sun light beating down on sand and rock.


Inspiration from the Capparis flower, a hardy plant commonly found in the Qatari desert, most commonly known for it's edible bud, the caper.

Desert Rose

Based on the incredible architectural design of the Qatar National Museum, which itself is based on the rare desert rose crystal.