Fun Dog Land


I was hired by Sonday, an agency with offices in Cape Town and Berlin, to create a dog character for the brand FunDogLand. They wanted a vector design with some realism and detail, while still being cute, friendly and relatable.

"My name is Princess Funny and I am a very special street mix of dachshund-poodle-sheepdog-boxer and another breed I don't know. As you can imagine I am exceptionally handsome, smart, fast and brave. I was found in Spain as a puppy on the street and nobody knows exactly who or what my parents were. My owner found me and took me into her heart forever."

Rough Sketches

I started the process by creating 3 rough sketch options based on research of the breeds in the description. I combined the features of the various breeds in different ways to develop three different dogs, each with a cute, unique personality.

Character Development: Stage 1

I further developed each character into a vector artwork using the brand colours and offered different illustration styles for each, to help the client define their vision.

Character Development: Stage 2

At this stage I added further detailing and created a more Disney-like appearance, as per the request of the client.

Character Development: Stage 3

Finally, with the decision to use more realistic detail and natural colouring, the Princess Funny character was finalized.

Character Development: Stage 4

I created a set of different poses and expressions to be used throughout the client's platform. They wanted a variety from sleepy to energetic, but always with a friendly and trustworthy persona.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know Princess Funny!